2019 Spring

Ayurvedic Kitchari Cleanse

The Cleanse

Join us for a 7-day Kitchari cleanse


This gentle, yet effective, cleanse will leave you feeling lighter and healthier. You'll eat 3 meals a day, mostly consisting of kitchari, but with plenty of variations to keep things "exciting". There will be plenty of practices to incorporate into your day (as your schedule allows). You'll feel like you're away at a retreat!

What's included?

- Two one-hour 1-on-1 video meetings
- Unlimited email support for three weeks (pre-cleanse, cleanse, post-cleanse weeks)
- Custom designed digestive herbs
- Recipes & shopping list
- Exercise & practice regimen (think "mini retreat") designed specifically to fit your personal schedule
- Goodie box containing a tongue cleaner, mala, custom herbs, spice sample, massage oil sample, ghee sample, and an oil pulling sample

1. To get started, fill out an Intake Form

2. Reserve your spot securely through PayPal

3. I'll get started on designing your cleanse, prepare your goodie box and contact you to arrange our pre-cleanse meeting

Benefits of a cleanse
  • improve digestion & elimination

  • shed excess weight & toxins accumulated over the winter months

  • reset your system during this transitional season

  • re-align yourself energetically

  • experience new self-care techniques

Any questions? I'm here to support you. Email me.

Happy Cleansing!