2019 Spring

Ayurvedic Kitchari Cleanse Instructions


This cleanse is designed to help clear the body & mind of toxins and re-ignite the digestive fire. 
This will be a gentle and simple cleanse.  Although it's mild, it's very effective
and you'll come out of it feeling lighter and healthier.

Shopping list


In addition to the supplies in your cleanse kit, you’ll need to have: 


  • Yellow or green split mung dahl

  • Basmati rice

  • Ghee

  • Organic Unrefined Sesame oil 8oz (for oil pulling)

  • Fresh ginger root (for tea and cooking) - at least 7" worth

  • Raisins/prunes (for breakfast, snack)

  • Fresh Veggies - we'll discuss which are best

  • Spices - we'll discuss which are best. Also have salt, pepper, ground coriander, turmeric, and cardamom on hand.


Making Triphala tea


  1. The night before you start your cleanse week, mix 1 tsp of Triphala powder in 1 cup of hot water.  Stir well and let sit overnight.

  2. The next day at midmorning (1 hr after breakfast), drink the water but leave the powder in the cup.

  3. Fill cup with hot water, stir well, and let sit through out the day.

  4. Before bed, drink the water and discard the powder.  Start the process all over again.  Mix 1 tsp of Triphala powder in 1 cup of hot water. (Note: 1 tsp of Triphala powder is used twice)



Flow of each cleanse day

During the 7 days, your routine will be key in the cleanse process.  Remember, you’re giving your body a break from your regular diet/lifestyle in order to remove toxins and re-set your digestive fire.  Think of it as a vacation for your digestion!  Follow the steps below every day. Most likely, this will require you to wake up earlier than usual. But rest assured, after a couple of days, you'll find your rhythm.


First thing in the morning:

  1. Oil pulling:  Place 1-2 teaspoons of sesame oil in the mouth and swish thoroughly between teeth for 10 minutes.  You can do other activities while swishing (ie, heat up water for ginger tea…).  The benefit of oil pulling is to remove toxins from the gums.  After swishing for 10 mins, spit out all oil and rinse mouth out with warm water.

  2. Abhyanga (self massage) is said to loosen up ama (toxins) by stimulating lymph & blood circulation.  It is also a form of self love.  Warm the oil up by placing the bottle in warm water.  Apply a small amount with vigorous strokes ensuring warmth & friction.

    1. Straight strokes on long bones, circular motion at the joints.

    2. Avoid the feet, genital areas and face.

    3. Afterwards put on old clothes/sweats, as they will get oily. 

    4. Leave oil on as long as possible before your shower.

  3. Ginger tea:  Have 1 tsp of ghee in ginger tea, 1x/day, before breakfast. You can make ginger tea by boiling 1 inch of fresh ginger in a pot of hot water, or use ginger tea bags.  It’s ideal to make a pot of ginger tea and drink from this pot all through out the day.

  4. Meditate: for 5-30 minutes.  If you already have a meditation practice, do that.  Otherwise, chant “So-hum”.  It means “I am that”.  It’s stating that you are part of the Divine and all of creation.  Quietly in your mind chant “So” on the inhale, and “hum” on the exhale.  Take deep yogic breaths.  Focus only on this mantra to calm your mind.

  5. Breakfast:  Rice with spices.  See recipe.

  6. Shower after breakfast.  If possible, only use soap on face, genital areas and feet.  This will ensure the majority of the oil is kept on your body. Be very careful in the shower, as oil will rinse off of you and make the tub slippery. Use a rubber tubmat if possible.


Mid morning

  1. Triphala tea is a digestive.  It supports your digestion and elimination.  Drink the water from the Triphala mixture at least 1 hour after breakfast. 


Before lunch

  1. Ginger tea is a digestive.  Drink a cup of hot ginger tea just before lunch (w/out ghee). 


  1. Lunch and dinner can be any combination of kitchari or rice with steamed veggies. Most lunches and dinners will be kitchari (see recipe, and have fun with changing up the veggies!).  For a slight variation in texture, you can simply eat rice with steamed veggies instead of kitchari.  


Before dinner

  1. Ginger tea – Before dinner, have a cup of ginger tea.  Again, ginger tea is a digestive and it will help your system prepare for the next meal. (w/out ghee)



  1. See notes under Lunch.  Your dinners and lunches will be interchangeable.  You’ll have kitchari or rice with veggies.


Before bed

  1. Triphala tea - Drink the water from the Triphala mixture before going to bed.  Discard the powder and start the process over again with new Triphala powder.  

  2. Foot massage – At the time that you prepare for bed (wash face, brush teeth, scrape tongue…) also give yourself a foot massage with the Uma Pure Calm oil. Make sure to put on old socks afterwards.



  • Weigh yourself daily.   You’ll probably lose some weight during the week.

  • Drink plenty of water (and ginger tea or lemon tea) through out the day.

  • If you need a snack, have some ginger tea.  If that is not sufficient, have a small handful of raisins or a fruit (apple, cherries, cranberries, grapefruit, or prunes).  Dried fruit is ok.

  • Avoid all: meats/fish, dairy, nuts, processed foods, sweets/chocolates, coffee and alcohol.

  • For lunch and dinner, eat to 75% full.  You don’t want to overeat, as it overloads the digestive fire.

  • During a cleanse, the mind and body are both given the chance to let go of toxins.  To help this process for the mind, I recommend journaling abundantly daily.  Journal to get your thoughts on paper.  Feel free to journal about anything.

  • If possible, do some light exercise every day.  Yoga or a walk in nature are perfect!

  • When eating, eat in peace without distractions (not in front of the computer/tv). 

  • Stay as calm as possible throughout the cleanse week.

  • Read a good book - one that is uplifting, about self-care, or educational (not too intense).

  • If you have 1 hour available in the evening, treat yourself to Yoga Nidra.

Any questions? Email me. I'm here to support you!