2019 Spring

Post Cleanse Instructions


You’re (almost) done with your cleanse!
As you head into your post-cleanse week, the most important concept to remember is…
Your agni (digestive fire) has been re-set.  This means it needs to be re-established to
digest the heavier foods that are in your normal diet. 
So be patient and reintroduce foods slowly.

The process of building agni (digestive fire) back up after a Purification is called Rejuvenation.  This period is crucial to reaping ALL the benefits of a cleanse.  You’ve made it through a week in which you ate a very different diet and you shed toxins.  In a way, you’re now in a vulnerable place.  Rejuvenation is about slowly building agni back up, while not overloading it with heavier foods that are difficult to digest.


Over the next week, be mindful of the foods you’re eating.  During the cleanse, you avoided meats, dairy, nuts, processed foods, sweets/chocolates and alcohol.  As you bring these back into your diet, do so in small quantities.  They can add ama (toxins), which you have just released from your system.  To keep the light & healthy feeling, typically felt after a cleanse, keep these foods to a minimum during your post-cleanse week.  And after that, just be mindful of your intake of ama producing foods.

I recommend that you follow these tips over the next week:

  • Continue to have the cleanse breakfast daily (rice).

  • Reintroduce your “normal” food during your lunch.  Agni is highest during mid-day, so this is the time to eat harder to digest foods.

  • Continue to have kitcheri/dahl for dinner as much as possible.

  • Other options for dinner can include easy to digest foods like soups, steamed veggies...

  • Focus on warm foods & drinks.  Cold foods can dull your agni.

  • Continue to drink hot water/tea as much as possible.

  • Remember to eat to 75% full (always).

  • Use cooking spices as much as possible.  They're great digestives.

  • Keep an eye on elimination.  You should have at least 1 bowel movement per day.

  • Lastly, if there were any exercises during the cleanse that you particularly liked, keep them in your routine! 

Any questions during your post-cleanse week? Email me.

I want you to get the most out of your cleanse. 


Now that you've experienced a kitchari cleanse, remember, you can always put yourself through a cleanse again. You may not have ALL the supplies, but I can give you resources for you to procure most. Ayurveda recommends a cleanse only in the transitional seasons Spring & Fall. 

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Be well!