Resources for your cleanse

What is kitchari?

An easy to digest meal made with split mung bean, basmati and spices. You can also add a myriad of veggies. Yum!

You can read more about it here



My clients enjoy a discount and free shipping here. You can try multiple flavored ghee! My favorites are Traditional, Niter Kibbeh, and Chai Spice. Enjoy! 

Oil Pulling

You can simply use sesame (unrefined) or coconut oil for this practice. If you liked the sample I gave you, you can purchase it here. To read more about oil pulling, go here.

Abhyanga (self-massage)

Watch this video to see how Abhyanga is done. I recommend avoiding the feet, as it's VERY slippery in the shower. I also recommend avoiding the face. You can simply use sesame oil or any high grade massage oil you might have. This practice should be done calmly and mindfully. It's a time for self-care.

Foot massage

In the evening, as you're preparing for bed, give yourself a foot massage. Try the Uma Pure Calm oil provided in the cleanse kit. It has essential oils to promote relaxation. Otherwise, simply use sesame oil. The oil will be fully absorbed by the time you shower the next morning, so no fear of slipping.

Meditation (So-hum)

Watch this video for an introduction to the So-hum meditation. When doing your morning So-hum meditation, think "So" on the inhale, and think "hum" on your exhale. If using a mala, advance one bead after each So-hum. Use slow Yogic breaths.

Mung Dahl

If you don't have a local Indian market, you can order dahl (for the kitcheri) here. If you go to your local shop, ask for "split mung dahl" (pronounced "doll"). It can be yellow or green dahl.


If you'd like to read a scientific paper by Deepak Chopra on the properties and effects of triphala, read here.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep)

If you have a spare 1 hour, treat yourself to a session of Yoga Nidra. This is particularly beneficial in the evening before preparing for sleep. Lie down in Savasana (corpse pose), place a small pillow under your head, a booster under your knees, cover yourself with a blanket and listen to a Yoga Nidra meditation. There are many, but I particularly like this one. You can find it on Spotify.

Any questions? Email me. I'm here to support you!