Specializing in issues related to Digestion and Stress

Ayurvedic Consultations

Initial Consultation (Step 1)


The Initial Consultation usually takes about 1.5 hours.  We'll discuss your diet, daily routines, and health concerns. You'll receive:


  • Food recommendations

  • Lifestyle practices to incorporate into your life

  • Overview of Ayurveda

  • An understanding of the Doshas and your unique constitution

The knowledge you get from this session will help you understand yourself in a different light and better equip you for self-care - so healing is in your hands!


This option is the first step for the person who wants Ayurvedic Treatment. They then continue with the Series below. It can also be for the person who simply wants to be introduced to Ayurvedic Medicine. I will happily accommodate either scenario.

$140 over video chat

$195 in person

Ayurvedic Treatment Series - 5 appointments (Step 2)

This is where your healing begins. After the Initial Consultation, I draw up an extensive treatment plan based on your current state and goals. You will be coached by me as you discover a more healthful life using all the tools of Ayurveda.  

Each series includes five 1-hour appointments, designed to help you achieve your goals. During each appointment, we'll discuss your implementation of previous Ayurvedic recommendations, I'll assign new recommendations, check in with your current symptoms, and we'll make changes to the treatment plan as needed. We'll meet approximately every two weeks.

Rest assured, in between appointments I am available by email to answer any questions you may have.

This option is ideal for people with chronic or long-standing conditions, for those who want a comprehensive treatment plan and for folks who are ready to experience true Ayurvedic medicine & coaching.

$475 over video chat

$595 in person

Message me to set up your appointment.

Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Yoga Asana

Yoga is much more than an exercise class. It is a philosophy that helps us learn how to be our higher selves... to be our better selves.  Asanas (poses) are one way to achieve that.

I offer private Classical Hatha Yoga classes either as a stand-alone session or as an add-on right after your consultation.  Simply let me know you'd like to add it on when you book your consultation appointment. Class lasts 90 minutes. 

Add-on $50 

Stand-alone $120

(only available at Pacific Heights location)

Watch this video to see the style I teach.  It also shows what a typical class entails.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is deep relaxation.  It is a form of meditation that takes you into conscious sleep - somewhere between being awake and asleep.  When we are relaxed at this deep level, our bodies have a chance to recalibrate and recover... leading us to better health.

I offer Yoga Nidra as a stand-alone session or an add-on to your consultation.  When you book your consultation with me, simply let me know you'd like to add it on.  

I start with a very brief introduction of Yoga Nidra then I guide you through the practice itself. You'll simply listen to my voice prompts and allow yourself to sink into a deep meditation.  If you can, wear comfortable clothing as you'll be laying down on your back.  Blankets and pillows will be provided. Each session lasts 60 minutes. 

Add-on $50 

Stand-alone $100

(only available at Pacific Heights location)

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