Specializing in issues related to Digestion and Stress

Ayurvedic Consultations

Initial Consultation (Step 1)


The Initial Consultation usually takes about 1.5 hours.  We'll discuss your diet, daily routines and health concerns. You'll receive:


  • Customized food recommendations

  • Customized lifestyle practices to incorporate into your life

  • An understanding of the Doshas and your unique constitution

  • Overview of Ayurveda

The knowledge you get from this session will help you understand yourself in a different light and better equip you for self care - so healing is in your hands!


This appointment could be a stand alone appointment for the person who wants an introduction to Ayurveda. Or, it can be the start to Ayurvedic treatment that continues with the Series below.

$150 (one video appointment + unlimited emails for two weeks)

Ayurvedic Treatment Series - 5 appointments (Step 2)

This is where your healing really begins. After the Initial Consultation, I draw up an extensive treatment plan based on your current state and goals. 

A series includes five 1-hour appointments, designed to help you achieve your goals. During each appointment:

  • we'll go over your implementation of previous Ayurvedic recommendations,

  • check in with your current symptoms,

  • we'll make changes to the treatment plan as needed,

  • I'll assign new recommendations,

  • and we'll go deeper into Ayurvedic wisdom


We'll meet approximately every two weeks. In between appointments I encourage you to email me with any questions you may have.

I'm here to guide you.

$600 (five video appointments + unlimited emails through out the series)

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