"Your recommendations are in my mind every day and you helped me tremendously during the past few months. You made the transition to SF so much easier and I've gained knowledge that will help me forever."  - C.F. (Consultations) 


"Thank you again for all your help and suggestions, your kind listening and gentle guidance.  I appreciate it, and I am very happy with the changes I have been making to my diet and lifestyle.  I am feeling a bit more energized as well as calmer, and, of course, the bowels movements have been progressively improving." - Sue S. (Consultations)


"I think you’re extremely knowledgeable and I really appreciate the personal experience you bring. At times working with other practitioners can feel like I’m being “plugged in” to a predetermined system . Your program feels very individualized to my specific needs and it shows that you really know your Ayurveda!" - Randi K. (Skin program)


"I feel so blessed to work with you; I think this is exactly what I need right now." - Brett R. (Consultations)


"Thank you for the Yoga Nidra session yesterday. I wouldn't have expected how profoundly better I felt walking down the street after the hour with you. It's kind of remarkable how similar it was to the feeling after a massage." - C.F. (Yoga Nidra)

"Starting off 2012 with you and Ayurveda in my life has been quite empowering  - I feel like I have a system and language that not only address many things that have been out of balance for a long time and we are just beginning .... So THANK YOU!!" -Kevin S. (Consultations)


"Thank you so much for everything so far.  Your generosity and knowledge are truly inspiring." - Gwen (Consultations)


"You were very easy to talk with and open up to.  I walked away with a better understanding because you started from the beginning explaining in an orderly fashion the elements, characteristics, and doshas and how they appear inside and outside of me and how to try and balance." -Nancy S. (Consultations)

"My mind felt much clearer and lighter.  I was under a great deal of pressure for work, and I think it made me better equipped to deal with stress and decision-making." - Xelina L. (Cleanse) 


"Physically, the clean cycle of food going in and out of my body effectively felt great, and has made me more aware of the affects of different foods on my body." -Meaghan C. (Cleanse) 


"Elena has a very calm, soothing voice.  If I had headed home today - I would probably have a glass of wine to relax - but I could get to a calm, peaceful place with Yoga Nidra.  And get to it with ease.  I feel safe & whole.  I feel at peace with everything." -Geetu  (Yoga Nidra)


" My husband has been supportive and has even tried my dinner and ginger tea.  He says there is a glow in me and I feel like I have slowed down quite a bit both in mind and physically.  Not rushing any longer, being calm throughout the day.  I feel that the ayurvedic cleanse is not only a break for the digestive system, but a soul enriching exercise that has taught me to be calm." - Hilda A. (Cleanse)


"Energized and calm.  I was feeling very anxious w/ a busy mind (running late/traffic/other worries).  Although I did not relax in a sleepy way, my mind and anxieties did clear.  Chronic GI pain is lessened and more in the background." - Philip (Yoga Nidra)

"After a week of unhealthy eating and a great deal of stress, the cleanse brought my body, mind and emotions back into balance.  I felt calmer, lighter, and slept better.  Elena truly cares, is very motivating to work with, and I highly recommend her." -Bree (Cleanse)

"Because of your guidance and support I could manage this. It was not easy, but I am certainly glad that I tried it and did well. I feel the difference in many ways." -Stephanie T. (Consultations)